Winter with Essential Beauty

Winter is officially here, which means it’s the best time to establish or maintain your waxing routine with the experts at Essential Beauty! By the time summer rolls around, you will have a perfect wax routine in place.

Not only will you maintain your fabulous results from having regular waxes, but your hair will also grow back progressively finer and sparser – you’ll feel hair-free skin for much longer periods of time.

Essential Beauty have also created and formulated the best waxing aftercare products to help maintain your silky-smooth results over the colder months. To prepare for appointments, remove dead skin by exfoliating with Prep Exfoliating Body Scrub & Mask. Weaken and minimise hair growth in-between waxing appointments with Nourish Body Moisturiser with Hair Minimiser.

Book your next waxing appointment or purchase the Essential Beauty Skin range at Essential Beauty Unley.

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