Welcome Mumpling Dumpling’s & Boba!

Unley Shopping Centre is excited to welcome Mumpling Dumpling as a new tenant!

It has been an exciting journey with them opening up and turning on their stoves in the past week. They specialise in Bubble Tea with some bespoke flavours such as Vegemite, Biscoff, and Nutella- this should be enough to have you drooling at the mouth!

An interesting insight into their name was given to us by the owner – Chi. The name “Mumpling” originated as an ode to his mother (mum) which was then incorporated with the word “Dumpling” then combined together gave them the word “Mumpling”. We would like to extend our thanks to Chi’s mother for teaching him how to make the most delicious dumplings we think we have ever tried.

Another example of their fantastic bespoke flavours that are not only incorporated into their bubble tea but also into their dumplings has been done by the inclusion of Cheeseburger Dumplings which lay on a bed of fries, the ultimate comfort food.

There are many a flavour to try and stress not as there is still the option of traditional flavours so there is something for everyone.

Head into Mumpling Dumpling to experience your own flavour journey!

Find us

204 Unley Road, Unley
South Australia 5061

  • MON - WED
    9am / 5:30pm
  • THU
    9am / 9pm
  • FRI
    9am / 5:30pm
  • SAT
    9am / 5pm
  • SUN
    9am / 5pm