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Eyes & Vision believe in cherishing the earth. Their sustainably-designed styles are made from bio-acetate and recycled materials. Go green without compromise.

Bio-acetates are created from renewable materials, mostly cotton and wood pulp. Not only is it strong, flexible and durable, it’s also hypoallergenic and comfortable for long term wear, allowing you to re-use your frames as your lenses change.

Bio-sourced acetates are composed of 95% recycled materials, including castor oil, which makes them lightweight, comfortable and sustainable. Biodegradable acetate breaks down completely in landfill with non-toxic residual components.

Aluminium is both extremely light and abundant, making it a perfect material for metal frames. Eminently recyclable, it is durable and flexible making it perfect for eyewear. Titanium is ultra-lightweight and corrosion resistant, making it the in-demand product for spacecraft and eyewear alike.

It doesn’t cost more to go green! Sustainable eyewear is available now at Eyes & Vision within our 2 from $199 package range.

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