Essential Beauty: The best piercing aftercare.

Essential Beauty: The best piercing aftercare.

At Essential Beauty, we are the piercing experts, so it’s only right that we have developed the ultimate aftercare products to take care of your piercing during its entire healing process.

Our two-step Sterilear Aftercare Spray Duo has been designed to provide the very best healing for all ear and body piercings.

Piercings heal faster when harsh chemicals are avoided, so Essential Beauty’s aftercare range only contains all-natural ingredients including a healing sea salt solution, is alcohol free and safe for all skin types.

Our third step in our system is our Sterilear Bump Dots. These adhesive patches are perfect to apply to any pesky piercing bumps overnight. When you peel off in the morning, you’ll see great results! These are a must have in your personal kit.

Essential Beauty’s aftercare range is guaranteed to be your piercing’s new best friend.
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