Lunch in Unley

Delicious Lunch Spots at Unley Shopping Centre 

Already thinking about what you’re going to eat for lunch? We feel you, it’s an important meal of the day, not just for it’s sustenance and energy, but also to indulge in  whatever cravings you may be having, and enjoy the smaller moments in life. Whether you’re on-the-go, mid-week or are enjoying a relaxing catchup with friends on the weekend, we’ve put together our guide for a delicious lunch in Unley Shopping Centre.



Does your mouth salivate at the thought of a juicy burger? At Grill’d you can enjoy soul-satisfying gourmet burgers without the guilt. With healthy burgers assembled with the freshest ingredients and always made to order, it’s perfect for everything from work lunch breaks to a delectable dinner with family and friends. And the best thing about Grill’d, they have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options so no one misses out! Plus, they also offer catering for events, all you need to do is order the day before – how good.



Mumpling Dumpling & Boba


Our newest addition to the Unley Shopping Centre family is Mumpling Dumplings & Boba! Their fluffy light dumplings feature assorted classic and innovative fillings to suit all taste buds. Their dumplings are comfort food at its finest, but be careful, they sure are addictive. They also have refreshing Bubble Tea, perfect to sip while you’re browsing around the centre or treat yourself and friends to a sweet drink while you have your weekly catchup.





Dulwich Bakery Café

Does the smell of freshly baked pastries make your stomach grumble? Dulwich Bakery Café is famous for their range of exceptional pies, pastries, donuts, cakes, biscuits, and celebration cakes. All the favourites you know and love ready to take home and share with the family or enjoy at the café for lunch in Unley

with a coffee while you take a break from your shopping adventures. We highly recommend taking home their sweet and savoury pies for family dinner – a delicious meal made incredibly simple.



Sushi Fav

Did lunchtime creep up on you and now you’ve realised you’re starving? The fresh and finger-licking good sushi at Sushi Fav will satisfy your cravings. With a wide range of healthy options with all your favourite fillings to take-away or sit and enjoy. We highly recommend trying something new from your usual go-to, all their flavour combinations are incredible.


Impressa Café

Is a flavourful and mouth-watering lunch to enjoy with your tea or coffee your vibe? Impressa Café boasts the highest quality homemade meals that are sure to put a smile on your face. Open from 7:30am from Monday to Saturday, they’re the perfect option for a quick pick me up coffee and sweet treat, or a hearty lunch to provide you with plenty of fuel to power through the rest of the day. Impress everyone at the office or your next birthday party with Impressa Café catering!


The Lunch Club

Cosy up at The Lunch Club to warm up this winter! With a menu full of in-season and delightful meals, it’s the perfect mid-day pit stop to enjoy your favourite comforting lunch treats. With a friendly team of staff that make a divine cup of coffee to pair with a special sweet indulgence because you deserve it.


We look forward to seeing you for lunch in Unley! View the opening hours for each of the venues on our website here

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