Amanda Kelly is coming to Unley Shopping Centre!

Are you a busy mum or dad lacking inspiration to pack a healthy, yet delicious lunch box that your kids actually enjoy eating? Or maybe you’re looking to spice up your own.

This Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th, Amanda Kelly will be in centre to help you plan your kids or your own lunches that are nutritious, easy and delicious. Enjoy tastings and inspo to make lunches just that bit easier.

Amanda is a local Clinical Nutritionist who provides practical, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice, personalised to suit the needs of her clients.  As the Mum of three teenagers she has packed thousands of lunchboxes and loves to share her tips to pack a nutritious lunch the kids will eat, without spending hours in the kitchen.

Download her e-book to enjoy over 50+ recipes with 200 variations!

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